I suppose it takes a real rat lover to want to draw the little beasties. Most animal art involves portraits of the more socially acceptable pets- dogs and cats for instance. But I’ve found one site that has some really lovely handcrafted rat jewelry , and I think all rat lovers should know about it!

Maybe just because it’s hard to find good rat jewelry makes it all the more precious when it comes my way. Most rat art has to do with those plague-infested sewer rats that people don’t dream about, unless it happens to be in a nightmare! I’m thinking of illustrations from a few centuries back, when the black plague was a serious threat.

But rats, at least to those of us who find them enchanting, are anything but scary. Clownish, maybe, but not frightening.

Another site I came across had some whimsical rat art I thought you might enjoy. It’s such a pleasure to find other people who feel inspired by rats to create something in their image! Just a hundred years ago the idea of someone keeping a rat as a pet was unheard of. Maybe just 50 years ago.

The funny part about that is rats are one of the cleanest of all rodents. If you change their litter regularly, they don’t smell bad, and rats actually do enjoy bathing. Well, they refer to it as swimming, but you know what I mean.

It’s hard being a rat lover- it’s not really considered socially acceptable. And to collect rat art… well that just tops it off. There are a lot of people who would think you were clearly insane. But what can you do?

I just may try my hand at drawing pet rats. Since there isn’t too much competition, who knows where that may lead? Maybe I could never make a living at it, but think of the joy I could bring to all those desperate-for-rat-art people in the world. All 6 of them.

Seriously, I just read about a British rat known as Tony Blair who is quite an accomplished artist. Well, for a rat, anyway! His owner said she knew he had talent the first time he walked across something and left his footprints. I think that’s stretching things a bit.

I think some of the best rat art comes from China. This is probably because of the Chinese zodiac and the year of the rat. Their rats look distinctly aesthetic, and part of the culture.

If you search on the internet, you’ll most certainly find some interesting rat art and jewelry. And if you’re a true rat lover, that can be a lot of fun! Some of you don’t have the time or inclination to do that kind of search, but you never know what you might turn up! Treasure hunts on line can be frustrating, but when you find rat art that really typifies this wonderful rodent, it’ll all be worth it!