What kind of jewelry do pet lovers love? Well, all kinds of course. You can’t say that just because someone loves animals, they’re going to wear nothing but bird, cat and dog earrings. Although I will say this; if you have a talented artist who makes great looking inexpensive jewelry , I am there!

I’m quite sure, even without doing any research, that some of the richest, diamond wearing people on the planet love their pets but wouldn’t think of wearing a pair of painted dachshund earrings to match their little Sir Charlie. So what! At least there are lots of choices for those of us who can’t spend our hard earned cash on rubies and pearls.

I think one of the best bargains on the internet today for pet lovers is the painted epoxy enamel jewelry on this site. Do you like color? I’m crazy about it and love wearing stuff to match different outfits. Does this make me shallow? I don’t think so- in fact I think that animal art is one of the many ways we can spread the importance of animals in our lives to others in the environment.

If I had all the money I could ever hope for, I would still shop on this site. A pretty pair of dog bone earrings, a magnificent key chain with a dachshund image, a pair of pet paw earrings- all these make me happy and remind me of the connection between life and art.
When I was a child, I was fascinated by both animals and drawing. Maybe that’s why I still have such a fascination for artists and their representations not only in jewelry but in paintings and sculpture as well.

But how many paintings can you own? And at what price? That’s the beauty of jewelry. You can have as many different designs as can fit in a small jewelry box and have something to wear that’s different for every day of the week. And, of course, I generally can afford jewelry, especially by shopping around at various online jewelry stores for bargains. Ah, the wonder of the internet! What did we do without it?

Now of course you can put up prints all around the house, but without framing them they still look a little tacky. When you buy a ring, necklace or other accessory, you are ready to wear it. I suppose with some charm bracelets you might need to go to your friendly jeweler to have a new charm soldered on, but that’s about the extent of it. Jewelry is pretty much buy, receive and put it on.

Of course you don’t have to wear animal jewelry just to prove you love animals, but it’s nice to have that option!