Pet earrings ? Well, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your favorite animal on your ears, is there? Pet or not, there are a lot of fabulous animal earrings in the marketplace. Like this lovely silver pair of butterfly earrings , for instance. Have you ever seen anything this precious?  I personally think it’s a wonderful thing that sterling silver animal earrings are more available now than ever.

It used to be that the only animal related jewelry you could find was cutesy kittens, ladybugs and of course dolphin necklaces and so forth. No, I’m not knocking any of those choices, but at the same time it’s awfully nice to find some animal jewelry that goes beyond the obvious.

Who would have thought that the day would come when you could find pit bull jewelry just a mouse click away? Not I, that’s for sure. And how about snake jewelry? See what I mean.

Now if you’ve been an art show shopper for a number of years you might disagree with me on the availability of unusual animal themed jewelry. It’s true; artists have been way ahead of the curve in creating fun earrings for pet lovers. Even back in the 1980s there were several companies making hand-made clay jewelry in the shapes of birds, dogs, cats and so forth. You could find them not only in art shows but also in boutique type stores. Then it seems like the 90s brought a dearth of animal jewelry. Or is it just me?

It could be that I’m pickier than most people. I like my animal earrings, necklaces and pins to have some realism to them, not completely cutesy. Probably the more popular this kind of thing becomes, the more competition there will be for them and thus the better designs available. I have my favorite artists now, but I’m always happy to expand my horizons.

Of course, you can always try your hand at making your own. I had a co-worker that managed to put photographs of her dogs and cats onto little round thingies, which she then attached ear wires to. Maybe not terribly sophisticated, but it was a good way to tell the world about her pets. And plenty of conversations were started around those animal earrings, I’ll tell you that.

But if you want to stay with animal earrings that people won’t raise their eyebrows over, best to buy yours at an actual jewelry store!