There are a number of ways to spot an animal lover. One of my favorites is looking at what they are wearing. Especially with a woman, it can tell you a lot about her favorite critters. Is she wearing some exotic pet jewelry ?

If you are talking about a man, the best way to spot an animal lover is by what he has either around his shoulders (i.e. a python or a rat) or on the lead (generally speaking a dog of some type.)

Of course the woman may be walking her favorite dog or even cat as well. But the point is that even if she isn’t currently with her pet, there are signs that she has one, or at least likes pets. With a man it gets a little trickier. However, I have seen at least one male vet wearing a single dog earring . (in just one ear, and I kid you not about this.)

To each his own!

I think most people make the assumption that having pets and loving animals is pretty much universal. True, most people recognize animals as an important part of life and they have some type of animal that’s important to them. That could be just the stray cat that comes to the kitchen every morning for scraps. It goes all the way from there to the woman with the pampered pooch that inherits her fortune when she dies. Does that sound familiar? Truth can certainly be stranger than fiction.

But animals can make all the difference in a lonely life. I remember reading about the importance that dogs especially have as therapy after a disaster. Who needs a shrink when you can feel better by hugging a big fluffy dog around the neck ? That’s a lot healthier than psychiatry with their drugs and crazy ideas.

But the best therapy in the world is coming home after a tough day and being licked in the face by your loving dog, or purred at by your kitty. And I don’t want to leave the bird owners out, either. It’s said that a big parrot (like an African grey, macaw or Amazon) is incredibly sensitive and intelligent, almost like a toddler. I do believe all animals are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Even fish are fairly smart. I heard the story of the tropical fish that recognized his owner’s voice and would come up to the top of the tank to be fed when she walked in the door after work. If an animal is smart enough to survive on its own, than we should give it some credit for knowing a thing or two about life!

It’s a good idea to open up our conception of what animals are capable of. They perceive things, feel cold and hunger and definitely are aware of being treated with respect or not. All animals deserve that, and the more we give it to them, the more human we ourselves become.