Cats are beautiful and some would say that cat jewelry, especially colorful cat jewelry is even more so. But for my money, the Siamese cat is one of the loveliest of the breeds. When a recent late night surfing adventure ended up at this page full of Siamese cat jewelry , I was ecstatic. I don’t currently own a Siamese (own, that’s a laugh! Since when has a human ever owned a Siamese?) but I thought this cute pair of Siamese earrings would bring me luck in finding a new one some day. It’s not like they’re particularly rare, but I prefer to adopt my pets from rescue organizations and other like-minded groups.

I collect all kinds of cat art, not just jewelry. It’s just that jewelry takes up so much less room, making it a collectable that’s also practical, especially when you don’t live in a giant house. So yes, other types of artists represent cats very well, too. Another one of the individual cat artists I’ve found on the web does some lovely work. I haven’t seen her Siamese, but I’m sure it must be adorable.

I see nothing wrong with collecting cat art, but my family thinks I’m a little off the deep end on this. To me all things feline are gorgeous, and if someone has the talent to create a representation that makes me feel good, I think I should be able to own it! The artists don’t mind this way of thinking one bit, I assure you.

Back to the Siamese. I’ve found that even people who dislike cats find them pretty. It takes a particular temperament to live with that distinctive yowl, but once you get used to it, it’s no different than living with someone who has an accent. Maybe a very grating accent, but if you love them, you learn to not let it affect you. After a while it grows on you, and you start to identify meaning and nuance in each and every call. Hungry? Need to go outside (hopefully on a leash)? Need fresh water? All these and more, including a request for a cuddle, can eventually be sorted out.

And who can resist their wonderful markings? It’s incredible that from the original domestic cat, which was certainly striped, a lovely creature like the Siamese could emerge. I’m not knocking stripes. Some of my most favorite adoptees have been tabbies. But it is certainly a tantalizing mystery. It makes me wonder if anyone has delved into this, and what in the world they may have come up with as an explanation.

So yes, I plan to continue being a cat fanatic, wearing cat jewelry and drooling over beautiful feline art. Life is much too short not to indulge this sort of passion!