We all have key chains.  Maybe in days of yore a person could have gotten away with a single house key, but in these modern times, things are not so simple.  We all inevitably have several keys that we use daily, and nothing could be more practical than that thing that holds them all together!

So we all agree we’re going to have a key chain.  Probably several.  After all, you have those spare keys that need to be kept together.  And what about the key to your neighbor’s apartment that you keep in case of emergency?  One key is easily misplaced.  That’s going to need a big key chain attached to make it easy to find.

So why not choose a key chain that does homage to your pet ?  I’m a big fan of replacing boring practical things with beautiful or fun practical things.  Instead of a plain key chain, I’d aim for something really cool, that says something about where my affections lie, and positively identifies me as an animal lover–something I’m quite proud of.  These realistic animal key chains are a great example of what I’m talking about.

When you fish your keys out of your purse or pocket, you could come up with a representation or your beloved dog, or whatever other animal happens to have your heart!  Those of you who cannot contain your love of animals to just one, can opt for something a little more vague, such as this fantastic paw print key chain which just says it all in one simple design.

Since some of us have more than one set of keys to corral, it’s worth noting that the selection of designs for animal lover key chains is surprisingly broad.  And it encompasses more than your most common pets.  Expect to find some more exotic animals adorning those handy rings as well, so that you really have a lot of options to cater to your individual interests.

Wherever your animal interests lie, the simple change of converting to animal key chains can serve to remind you of your favorite furry, feathery, or scaly friend when you’re apart.  There’s no reason why this practical object shouldn’t have real meaning to you and provide a fun and loving reminder to you when you’re away from home.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other animal-lovers start striking up conversation with you when they spy this representation of your pet, and so it could additionally serve as a way of identifying like minded people and inspiring interesting conversation.  I guarantee that you’ll find people who are really impressed with your relatively cheap bauble, and who want to know where to get one themselves!